The Boy Bangers
Season 3, Episode 6
Air date December 30, 2012
Written by DexterBoy124 and GuitarMasterX7
Directed by DexterBoy124 and GuitarMasterX7
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The Boy Bangers' is the sixth episode of season 3 and the finale episode of Sanity Not Included, and the 33rd episode overall in the shows history. As of July, 2013, it has been viewed on youtube over 1,050,000 times.


The Boy Bangers shows Dex and Lyle's new band the 'Boy Bangers'. Lyle and Dex find it hard to appeal to women without looking gay and this results to Lyle's shooting himself and his death and departure from the series.

Games UsedEdit

  • Halo
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops

Characters FeaturedEdit

  • Dexter
  • Lyle
  • Amanda
  • Nina


  • Last episode featuring Lyle.
  • Find out about Lyle and Dex's musical history - they've created over five bands together, but stopped them because they have questionably gay names.



Sanity Not Included (Happy Hour) - The Boy Bangers (Season 3 Finale)10:27

Sanity Not Included (Happy Hour) - The Boy Bangers (Season 3 Finale)

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