Sanity Not Included: Season One was the first season of the show Sanity Not Included, created by DexterBoy124

Cover photo for Season one of SNI

and GuitarMasterX7. 

Episodes ListEdit

# No. Title Original Air Aate Prod. code
1 01 "Pilot" June 13th, 2010 101
Dex and Lyle send the first episode of Sanity Not Included to Machinima, but a Machinima employee has some problems.
2 02 "Girl On Xbox Live" June 20th, 2010 102
Dexter and Lyle find something strange in the online Halo universe...a girl!
3 03 "LittleBigDevilGame" June 27th, 2010 103
Dex and Lyle decide to play LittleBigPlanet, which they believe to be a 'kids game'. They find out they're very mistaken.
4 04 "Two Guys 1 Toilet" July 4th, 2010 104
Dex and Lyle are shitting together and get up to all types of conversations.
5 05 "Sonic06 sucks" July 11th, 2010 105
Dex sings a song about how much he hates Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).
6 06 "Save The World" July 25th, 2010 106
Dex and Lyle are visited by a mysterious man wearing a suit and sunglasses who need them to go on a mission to "SSSSSSAAAAAAAVVVEEEE THE WWWWOOOOOOOORRRRRLLLLLD!".
7 07 "Switcharoo" August 1st, 2010 107
8 08 "Power Cut" August 8th, 2010 108
9 09 "Flash Adob" August 15th, 2010 109
10 10 "This Is Your Country" August 22nd, 2010 110
11 11 "THE TOM" August 29th, 2010 111
12 12 "Final Complicated VIII" September 5th, 2010 112
13 13 "Finale" September 26th, 2010 113



Three main characters. Dexter left, Nina middle and Lyle right

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