Season Three of Sanity Not Included lasted six episodes and ran between November 25th, 2012 to December

Season 3's New Banner

30th, 2012. It featured the same episode routine as Season Two, with video game skits running for upto the first 6-7 minutes of the episode then an animated skit at the end. 

Major Changes and SimiliaritesEdit

Other similarities and traits which are brought into the Third Season of Sanity Not Included is:

  • Plots focusing on the same four original characters (Dex, Lyle, Nina and Amanda)
  • Raust makes a reapperance

Some new things brought into Season 3 is:

  • A new style opening theme tune
  • Generally longer animations
  • A new animtor (Nervarky)
  • We meet Dex's ex-girlfriend
  • New character 'Grim Reaper' is introduced as a one off character

New ArtworkEdit

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