Raust Rap is a song by DexterBoy124, featuring on his personal channel and on the Sanity Not Included Album. Raust Rap is one of the only songs not to be used in Season 2, along with Slag Song, though it does have its own personal video on DexterBoy124's youtube channel.


Note: Many parts are hard to hear/understand so if there is anything wrong, Edit it!

You better prepare yourself, for the best rap ever! Raust Blackdragon feeling up some melons, drawing up anime, bitches like a felon. Hitting up Asians across the net, because digital pussy is what I'll get.

See I got this masterplan, n she'll love it, you'll see! When I finish this novel, she'll be all over me. It'll have teenagers and magic and all sorts of nerdy shit. This story is so awesome even witchel will want my dick. (Raust Blackdragon, He's the man. Raust Blackdragon I'm your number one fan!)

See I with this guy named terry, badest mother fucker, who likes his pussy hairy. You see he's very gifted in many different ways and ah fuck whatever. Whenever this dude draws, it comes to life. So daily he draws himself a wife.

See Rudy's got the chalk, but thats a misconception. You aint got shit on the bitches I be edging. Choo Choo, all aboard the pussy proper express. Its about high time we got this bitch undressed. Oh Terry, you beautiful man you. I can't stand anymore (brahaha brahaha)

What the fuck?! stolen eyeball. Shit.

(Raust Blackdragon, He's the man. Raust Blackdragon I'm your number one fan!) Hold it, wait a second, do my eyes deceive? Is that a new Fire emblem or are you fucking with me? All the term based action, all the levels I'll grind. Its one of the best game series of all time.

Hey guys check this out, you'll never believe. Theres a new fire emblem its about Mr. Reez. No one gives a fuck you stupid twat! My name is Lyle and I scream and you're gay Raust and stuff. That was really mean fellas. d-d-dragon?

Chorus X2 (Raust Blackdragon, He's the man. Raust Blackdragon I'm your number one fan!)

Raust Blackdragon, feeling up on some melons. Fire emblem!

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