Nobs Attack!
Season 4, Episode 1
Air date April 28, 2013
Written by DexterBoy124
Directed by DexterBoy124
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Nobs Attack is the Season 4 Premier of Sanity Not Included, and the 34th overall episode of Sanity. Nobs Attack introduces the new protoganist to Dex's partner for the future of Sanity Not Included (Aleks), and confirms Lyle's death and departure from the show. It was uploaded to youtube on April 28th, 2013.


Starts with Dex and Nina holding auditions looking for a new room mate. Throughout there search Aleks appears, and Dex believes he is the one. A hobo then gives Dex and Aleks a Wii U, then the 'nobs' and Dex with Aleks get into a fight.

Games UsedEdit

  • Pokemon

Characters FeaturedEdit

  • Dex
  • Aleks
  • Nina
  • Amanda
  • Hobo


  • Second episode without Lyle; but first with his departure confirmed.



Sanity Not Included (Happy Hour) - Nobs Attack! (Season 4 Premiere)12:40

Sanity Not Included (Happy Hour) - Nobs Attack! (Season 4 Premiere)

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