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Nina season 4
Vital statistics
Full Name Nina
Gender Female
Nationality American
Status Alive
Voiced by Megan Dwyer (Season 1,2 and 4)

MistiDawn (Season 3)

Nina is a girl who lives in the same house with Dex and Lyle. She was originally voiced by Meg Dwyer, a friend of the creators, but was replaced in Season Three by MistiDawn. Meg returned as her voice actress for Season 4.


She has large breasts, where most of her appeal as a character comes from.


  • Nina was the first animated girl to be shown in the series. She premired in Girl On Xbox Live.
  • In the sanity not included comic 7, Nina reveals that she gets her enormous breasts from her father, who has breast about twice as big as Nina's.
  • Nina and Lyle had a complicated relationship.
  • It is assumed that she likes Lyle. In Complicated Complications, she is shown to be jealous when Amanda says she has a "relationship" with Lyle.
  • Misti Dawn Will not return to continue her role as Nina in the upcoming season.
  • Nina is voiced by Meg again in season 4.


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