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Nina season 4
Vital statistics
Full Name Nina
Gender Female
Nationality American
Status Alive
Voiced by Megan Dwyer (Season 1,2 and 4)

MistiDawn (Season 3)

Nina is a girl who lives in the same house with Dex and Lyle. She was originally voiced by Meg Dwyer, a friend of the creators, but was replaced in Season Three by MistiDawn. Meg returned as her voice actress for Season 4.



  • Nina was the first animated girl to be shown in the series. She premired in Girl On Xbox Live.
  • In the sanity not included comic 7, Nina reveals that she gets her enormous breasts from her father, who has breast about twice as big as Nina's.
  • Nina and Lyle had a complicated relationship.
  • It is assumed that she likes Lyle. In Complicated Complications, she is shown to be jealous when Amanda says she has a "relationship" with Lyle.
  • Misti Dawn Will not return to continue her role as Nina in the upcoming season.
  • Nina is voiced by Meg again in season 4.


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