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Nina season 4
Vital statistics
Full Name Nina
Gender Female
Nationality American
Status Alive
Voiced by Megan Dwyer (Season 1,2 and 4)

MistiDawn (Season 3)

Nina is a girl who lives in the same house with Dex and Lyle. She was originally voiced by Meg Dwyer, a friend of the creators, but was replaced in Season Three by MistiDawn. Meg returned as her voice actress for Season 4.


Nina was the first attempt at adding fanservice to the show, which ended successfully and eventually led to the creation of Amanda. Common traits she possesses are her acts of innocence, constant threesomes with the other characters, and most prominently her giant boobs, which results in her becoming a favorite among fans. A running gag in the show is when her giant boobs bump or get bumped into various objects or people. In the episode Babysitting, a incident of hers which makes all her clothes burn off revealing her giant boobs caused that episode to be flagged and removed, but later was put back on YouTube. In Suicidal Tendancies, Dex accidentally runs face-first into her giant boobs. In the seventh SNI comic, after she accidentally spills a couple of drinks with her boobs, Dex and Lyle question why they're so big in the first place. Nina, who finally starts to show pride in her figure, reveals that she got her abnormally large boobs from her father, whose chest is even bigger. In Season Two, she appears to be really close with Lyle, even going on a double date with him, and Dex and Amanda. She seems to draw characteristics from Princess Peach from the Mario series as well as having a close resemblance to Samus.


  • Nina was the first animated girl to be shown in the series. She premired in Girl On Xbox Live.
  • In the sanity not included comic 7, Nina reveals that she gets her enormous breasts from her father, who has breast about twice as big as Nina's.
  • Nina and Lyle had a complicated relationship.
  • Misti Dawn Will not return to continue her role as Nina in the upcoming season.
  • Nina is voiced by Meg again in season 4.


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