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Lyle McDouchebag
Lyle season 3
Lyle McDouchebag's last look in season 3
Vital statistics
Full Name Lyle McDouchebag
Gender Male
Nationality American
Status Dead

(Real life counterpart alive though)

Voiced by Lyle Burruss

Lyle McDouchebag was one of the main protagonists of Sanity Not Included for the first three seasons.


He lived in a house with Dexter and Nina during the first three seasons. He is from the United States, though it is not known where. He is based on and was voiced by Lyle Burruss (GuitarMasterX7), one of the main producers and voice actors of the first 3 seasons. But at the end of the third season he killed himself thus effectively ending his role as a main character.


"Yeah, you racist prick!"- Lyle to Dexter in Stereotypical.

"FUCK THE WORLD!" - Lyle in the Finale

"PROBABLY! What, are you writing a book?! Because I can save you some time! The plot twist is that NOBODY FUCKING GETS IT!"


"Hangin' out with your COOOL new friends!" - A drunken Lyle angry with Dexter


  • Lyle appeared in every episode of the first three seasons, except Sonic06 sucks.
  • Lyle is extremely talented at the guitar.
  • Lyle has a horrible drinking habit.
  • In Titanic Time, Lyle drinks drain washer on accident thinking it was booze.
  • Lyle and Nina have a complicated relationship.
  • Lyle has a deep hatred for Dex's girlfriend Amanda and her necrophilia.
  • Lyle commited pseudocide at the end of Season 3, thereby ending his role as a Main Character in SNI. At the end of Season 3 he asked Dex to "Tell everybody I shot myself" before walking off screen. Shortly afterwards, the sound of a gunshot is heard. This was done inorder to make his staged death more convincing.
  • At the begining of Season 4 a gravestone with Lyle's name ingraved on it was seen outside the house. This gravestone was most likely placed by Dex inorder to make Lyle's staged death more convincing.


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