Hobo offering Dex and Aleks a wii U

Hobo often called "The Notorious Bum Fiddler"

Hey there!, he's the notorious bum fiddler and he will VIOLATE YOUR BUMS!


The Hobo is a minor character that first appeared in the season 4 premiere "Nobs Attack". He gives Dex and Aleks a free Wii U by telling them that he stole from an old lady across the street. In the following episode he confesses that he was told to give Dex and Aleks the Wii U by secret agents in order to send them inside the Wii U and play games.  

The Hobo speaks in a comically overdone australian accent.


This is the only character to have sex with a Wii U

He violates your bums

Sexiest being alive

Is a hobo

Also known to violate bums notoriously

Gallery Edit

Sanity Not Included (Happy Hour) - Nobs Attack! (Season 4 Premiere)12:40

Sanity Not Included (Happy Hour) - Nobs Attack! (Season 4 Premiere)

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