Dexter Gilligan
Vital statistics
Full Name Dexter Gilligan
Gender Male
Nationality English
Status Alive
Voiced by Dexter Manning


Usually called Dex, Dexter lives in a house with Lyle (former roomate, replaced by Aleksandr) and Nina. He is originally from England.

He is based on and voiced by Dexter Manning ( DexterBoy124), one of the main producers and voicers of the series.

Dex for most of the series was shown to be childish, cowardly and sensitive, however he's also proven to be just as rude and ironically insensitive as Lyle is most of the time as well. After Lyle's death, Dexter's more innocent traits have since gone away and he's become more sarcastic and cynical than ever before, as well as more consistently angry.


"Look we're just roomates, OK? You're making it way too complicated."

"If I were you, I'd jump too, you PUSSY!"

"Well, that's different..."


  • Dexter has appeared in every episode of the series, except Power Cut.
  • His hairstyle from his Season 1 appearance ressembles those of Uchiha Sasuke from the Naruto series.
  • Dexter owns 9 fur coats
  • In season 4, Dexter was given a new look with a thinner figure, more height added, and a different face than the other seasons.